Using a Trip Planner for Driving Directions

Trip PlannerHow many times have you found yourself on the road with a print out of driving directions, and realized you had to make a detour, or stop somewhere else on the way?  In many cases, your printed-out directions will become obsolete, leaving you with no clear path to your destination.  When you use trip planner driving directions this doesn’t happen, because your directions are designed to accommodate multiple stops.  A trip planning program like RouteFast can give you the confidence to make more complex trips with ease.

RouteFast incorporates intuitive capabilities with advanced mapping software, enabling it to create the most efficient route for a trip with many stops – up to 24 stops in one trip!  In addition, your route can be sent to a GPS device, mobile phone or email.

How does a trip planner like RouteFast differ from mapping sites like MapQuest?

  • MapQuest is designed to give the fastest or shortest route between two destinations, and while it is possible to map multiple locations in a single trip, the site cannot figure out the most intuitive and efficient route.  Instead, it simply maps out a route from one location to the next, regardless of how inefficient the trip might be.
  • Trip planner driving directions from RouteFast enable you to enter a list of locations and the software configures the best possible route without wasting time or gas mileage.  In addition, because RouteFast can be sent to mobile and GPS devices, it allows for changes to be made en route.  Directions can also be sent to coworkers from the road and an alternate route can be created if traffic or road closures affect the existing route.

Another useful feature with RouteFast is the ability to store an unlimited number of routes (Premiere members only) to be retrieved at a later date.  Since routes are stored in a web-based, limited access database, they are kept secure, yet they are accessible from any computer.

Because it saves so much time and expense, using trip planner driving directions makes perfect sense for both business and personal use.  RouteFast is great for companies who have employees that travel often.  Outside salespeople, repair and service technicians, bus and taxi drivers, limousine services, real estate agents, and frequent business travelers all benefit from using a route planner like RouteFast.  Once you try, you will wonder how you ever got by without it. Offers Time-Saving Multiple Stop Driving Directions

Multiple Driving DirectionsThe world seems to be moving faster than ever these days, with mobile technology and the Internet making our lives easier than ever.  Microwaves cook our food in mere seconds, we can purchase almost anything from the comfort of our living room, and navigation devices ensure that we never get lost.  Well, just when you thought life couldn’t get any easier, introduces technology that actually designs the fastest and most efficient multiple stop driving directions.

It is possible to enter multiple locations on other sites, such as Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest, but those programs are only designed to give directions in the order that locations are entered.  This means they cannot give you any more than door-to-door directions from one stop to the next, even if the route takes you far out of your way.  It also means that even after you have spent the time to input each location, it is still up to you to figure out the quickest route that would allow you to cover all your stops in one trip. With, you can enter your locations in any order you please, and the technology will come up with the quickest and most efficient multiple stop driving directions.

Many companies have started using RouteFast for their fleet vehicles, delivery vans and service technicians so they can determine the most cost-effective routes.  This strategy not only saves on gas mileage, it also makes the workforce more productive.  How many times have you wondered how to optimize the downtime for your traveling sales force, or wondered why they cannot meet with more customers in a given day?  With RouteFast, you can quickly determine a route that will get them in front of more customers than ever before.

Individuals can also benefit from RouteFast.  Every time we set out for weekend errands, it is easy to let this activity take on a life of its own.  Why not spend a minute or two on RouteFast first, and come up with the fastest multiple stop driving directions?  This way, your family can save money on gas while spending more time with each other.

RouteFast is web based and easy to use.  Plus and premium members can even save routes online for later retrieval.  Want to send directions to your mobile phone, multiple email addresses or even your GPS device?  RouteFast can do this too.  It offers the ease and flexibility you need to maintain efficiency while you’re on the move.

Finding driving directions to the quickest routes has never been easier

quickest routesIf you are looking for directions, there are many options available these days, including dozens of mapping websites, GPS devices and mobile phone navigation services.  However, most of these have their flaws.  The most common complaint heard among users of the most popular online navigation sites is that the directions are incorrect.  Either they take you out of the way, through the most traffic-congested areas, or into undesirable neighborhoods.  So how can you be guaranteed to find driving directions for the quickest routes?  One way to do this is with

Not just any other mapping web site, RouteFast is an easy-to-use web based tool, which was developed to make life easier for those on the road.  The technology behind RouteFast utilizes multi-functional mapping capabilities that give users driving directions for the quickest routes for up to 24 locations in just seconds.  By optimizing your route for the most efficient use of time and fuel, RouteFast will determine the best way to make multiple stops without going out of your way.   Other sites, like MapQuest and Google Maps, do not have this capability; they are programmed to map your locations only in the order in which they are input.

If time is important to you or your business, and you want to reduce downtime while improving productivity, becoming a member of RouteFast will give you the edge over your competitors.  Use it to map a multi-stop route for service technicians, delivery people, sales executives and fleet vehicles.  You will be surprised at how much more efficiency a simple step like this can add to your workforce.

Gas prices are rising every day, and we all need to do our part to make America energy self-sufficient.  By ensuring that you are not driving your vehicles further than necessary, you can reduce your carbon footprint, minimize traffic congestion and significantly reduce maintenance costs on your vehicles.

With RouteFast, there is no need to reenter the same route more than once.  Premium account holders can save an unlimited number of routes online, and Plus members can save up to 15 routes.  Options like the ability to send directions via email to a mobile phone or GPS device will give your team the flexibility to change plans on the move, while maintaining the efficiency of the original route. gives you accurate, turn-by-turn driving directions for the quickest routes, keeping your team on the move.

The Benefits of Using Route Optimization Software

route optimization softwareMost people have used some form of turn-by-turn directions, whether on MapQuest, Google, Yahoo! or a GPS device, but when your trip requires several stops, these options are less effective.  When your route requires careful planning to make the best use of your time and mileage, it makes sense to utilize a route optimization software program.

Here are some key ways you can benefit from the use of RouteFast’s web based route optimization software package:

  • Create routes based on user-specified waypoints, origins and destinations, completely customized to meet your needs;
  • Get the most accurate turn-by-turn directions, estimated driving times, and usability options;
  • Maximize your flexibility by easily calculating the shortest or fastest route, avoiding toll roads or highways, and using alternate routes based on real-time traffic feeds;
  • Minimize your travel expenses by using less gas and reducing the wear and tear on your vehicles;
  • Improve your bottom line by spending more time with customers and clients;
  • Accomplish more in one day than you ever thought possible;
  • Easily email routes to coworkers, send them to your mobile phone or directly to your GPS device for convenient, turn-by-turn directions;
  • Save your routes for future use – premium account holders have unlimited storage space on RouteFast, which means you can save an infinite number of routes and easily retrieve them when needed;
  • RouteFast updates their route optimization software maps more regularly than most GPS devices, ensuring you the most accurate directions anywhere;
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using RouteFast for business and personal trips;
  • Choose between a customized trip where you enter your own desired sequence of stops, or allow RouteFast to customize it for you by designing the most efficient route possible

No matter how you choose to use RouteFast, you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it.  Intuitive route optimization software makes it easy to get the most out of your day, without spending more time and money than necessary.

Business owners find that by using RouteFast for their fleet vehicles, service technicians and sales team, they are able to reduce expenses and improve productivity immediately.  It is possible to create a customized RouteFast website for your company, but the software is only available as a hosted product.  This eliminates the need for your business to download software updates or maintain the products.  RouteFast maintains all the servers, the system’s security, and regularly improves the mapping features, options, and download speed.

Finally – A Route Planner with Multiple Destinations!

route planner multiple=If you’ve ever been a traveling salesman, you already know the value of planning trips in advance.  There is nothing worse than spending more hours on the road than necessary.  Not only does it take away from your time spent with customers; it can be stressful and costly to your bottom line.

Perhaps you just have several errands to run and you want to find the most efficient way to save gas and time, or maybe you run a home service business and want to determine the best way to schedule your appointments throughout the day. Whatever your reasons, it always makes sense to invest in the latest technology to make your life more efficient.

With gas prices on the rise again, and everyone doing their part to make America more energy efficient, using a route planner will reduce your carbon footprint and minimize unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

RouteFast is an intuitively designed route planner with multiple destinations.  It allows you to optimize your route with the most efficient driving directions for up to 24 locations.  While other web-based route planning tools exist on sites like Google Maps and MapQuest, they cannot offer the same type of functionality as RouteFast.  Why?  Because they are programmed to give you directions to multiple locations in the order in which they are input, rather than figuring out the quickest or most direct route that covers all of your desired stops.

RouteFast makes trip planning a breeze by providing extremely accurate turn-by-turn directions for each stop.  It also offers the ability to send directions to your mobile phone, email the route to your coworkers, or send it to a GPS device.  You can rest assured that the technology behind RouteFast will intuitively provide the most direct, quickest route for your multi-stop trips.  You can also choose the exact sequence for each of your stops, which is perfect if you want to pick up some groceries on the way home, or avoid busy intersections during rush hour.

You can easily add multiple locations into RouteFast, and it will calculate the fastest possible route to your destinations. You can choose to print it out, email it, send it to your phone, or even to your GPS device.  However you choose to use it, this innovative route planner with multiple destinations will make your life a lot easier and more productive.